Welcome to HamsLink, the site dedicated to providing Amateur Radio email addresses. I started this site after discovering the standard email providers required a minimum character count in your address that often doesn’t work for any ham who has a group A, B or C callsign. Why can’t we have a simple email address with just our callsign? Why does that seem to be so difficult? Well, here you can have just that.

The next question is how much will this cost me? At this time I want to keep this as a free service but will accept donations to help cover the bills. Keep in mind that this is not free for me, if everyone decides they don’t need to donate this may need to be shutdown at some point. I don’t want to do that to anyone so please be fair. (Not yet accepting donations at this stage, options coming soon)

What will I get? A custom email address that will support your callsign without needing any extra characters. This is a real email address with an account giving you a half Gigabyte of storage, not just a reflector to another email account you need to already have as some Amateur Radio sites are offering.

Keep in mind this site is currently experimental having gone live on September 26, 2020 & offering something new to the Amateur Radio Community I was not able to find anywhere else on the internet. It may need to have future updates or revisions made to it. You can help make it permanent by signing up, using your email proving it works & is wanted by the community. So sign up, enjoy it & let’s see where we can take this concept.